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The story is about a young guy who just finished college. He celebrates this at a party. Then he wakes up in the middle of nowhere. He cannot remember what happened. He has a complete blackout! Did he drink to much? How did he end up so far away from home?
In this early version you will be able to play through the introduction.
Dataminers: please be so fair and don’t post story spoiler when you dig around in my files. The game uses overlays a lot and CG-art therefore cannot be ripped like in other games.​

Updated: 2019-04-29
DeveloperDevon Andersson aka f95zoneuser463
Censorship: No
Version: 0.10.2
OS: Windows – Linux – Mac
Language: English


is a major update and REQUIRES to start a new game, old savegames are all incompatible, this will be the base-version for a while followed by smaller and faster updates
main story introduces the last main-character on day 10+
photographer job:
➤offered by Jennifer in the boutique
➤requires pre-quest “Smile please” to unlock
➤unlocks photo beach
➤3 photo-outfits available: Emily, Sara, Scarlett
➤allows one daily photo-shooting per day from 10:00 (boutique opens to pick outfit) to 19:00 (20:00 sunset on photo beach)
restaurant job:
➤to unlock it the player must talk to Emily when she is in the restaurant kitchen, also dirty dishes must be cleaned before to make some room on the kitchen table
Meagan/Tracy: if the player is under the effect of green pills (zZ icon) he can dream about girls
important decisions are now marked in purple, explanation also added to tutorial
daily routine and content for Meagan and Emily around the house is unchanged, except Emily will now visit the public beach 1 hour per day for the photographer pre-quest
Pamela: it’s no longer required to talk to her on the beach to see her in the massage studio
Meagan/Emily: day 6+ added moneytalk scene, unlocks the ladder in the livingroom, notification for daily payment and sympathy changes (blue book is not in the game yet and the computer is not usable)
character images added to sympathy quests
to make savegames more compatible during development the questlog now supports adding and updating quests over multiple game-versions, internally each quest has its own version, if an old quest-version gets detected the quest will be replaced and reset, quest-versions are visible in the lower right corner of the questlog and will all start with “1” in V9
removed all money cheats
slightly increased chance to spawn spider
events of the main story will now trigger after some ingame time has passed and the mc moved to the right location, Michael K. is no longer triggered by using Meagans phone on the kitchen table
temporary disabled credits screen to avoid confusion about the game ending at that point

Jess and Scarlett are hardcoded to sit forever in the restaurant with an unfinished dialogue
while taking photos: vignette is displayed incorrect, should always be between background and UI, H-key/mousewheel not working correctly
certain events can break the space time continuum and make characters magically appear in multiple places at once (photoshoots, moneytalk scene near computer at home)



User Interface (UI):

Edited screenshot to show the navigation menu at the bottom in both modes.

  • replaced map with navigation menu that switches between the local ‘area’ and ‘island’ locations
  • ➤character icons show the location of the main characters
  • ➤a padlock indicates a closed location (opening hours)
  • ➤complex locations (possibly the hotel in the future) will replace the local ‘area’ buttons automatically based on the players location
  • added a battery to the UI to show the players energy level, since this is no longer hidden some irrelevant MC talk about the his energy got removed when trying to sleep
  • merged into a single UI-screen: hotkeys, vignette, navigation menu, quick menu, orgasm bar, quest tracker, other UI-texts and -buttons, mousetooltip
  • added black outline to clickables for better contrast and visibility on small screens
  • reduced the quick menu to buttons for ‘Cheats’, Auto-forward-mode ‘Auto’, Skip-mode ‘Skip’, removed and disabled the Ren’Py standard skip indicator
  • the hotkey ‘2’ now teleports to the players bedroom instead of opening the map


  • the version scheme changes, V10 becomes 0.10.0
  • it is no longer planned to release this game in episodes, therefore “Episode” gets removed from the title
  • savegame path changed from “HolidayIslands-Episode1-1510310011” to “HolidayIslands”
  • added a savelock, by default it is no longer possible to ignore a warning about an incompatible savegame

Game Mechanics:

  • drug effects no longer reset at midnight, instead they have a duration that ticks down when the time advances
  • money related functions got simplified and NPCs no longer ‘virtually carry’ money around, they only keep a debt value
  • character-objects got split into the MC (main character) and NPCs (non player characters) with different properties
  • added rudimentary inventory, owned items are visible in the inventory-tab in the quest journal
  • made the password guessing for the quest ‘Access denied’ easier
  • every location now only uses one screen instead of two
  • NPCs will no longer follow fixed activity schedule except for sleep and work, they can now do random things based on many factors like time of the day, previous activity, events, etc
  • NPCs can talk independent from their location, in case a dialogue is designed for a specific location NPCs can give hints to the player to solve quests easier (still needs a lot of work)

Content (all work in progress):

  • Lisa: added quest “Magic Hands” to learn how to give a massage (part 1/3 done)
  • Tracy: added background story, you will find out why she’s on the Holiday Islands now
  • more random activities for Meagan and Emily
  • adding pool to the girls house



To install this incremental update, replace scripts.rpa in your V0.10.1 game-folder. See included readme.
This update fixes 9 bugs / logic problems:

  • exception when the tired main character talks with a NPC
  • Pamela not unlocked as model
  • random hallway spider under user interface
  • Emily in impossible state / invisible at pool after Meagan and Josie scuba-diving dialogue ends
  • it’s no longer possible to finish the Fake ID-quest to early with Ayumi’s panties, existing ‘broken’ quests are can be completed by talking to Deadbeef again
  • exception with Emily in the girls bathroom due to calling the outdated/removed function cashgive()
  • Emily in the lounge can no longer ask for help in the restaurant when it’s closed
  • Meagan and Emily now have a bigger time-frame available to randomly appear in the girls bathroom
  • photographer job outfit bag: changing the selected outfit after picking a daily one resulted in the wrong photos

Big thanks to everyone who found and reported these. Pat yourself on the back! Especially the 4th was rare, hard to find and reproduce due to randomness.



NOTE: if you can’t enter name, just type name and tap space and hit enter





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