Hunter Akuna [Completed]

Hunter Akuna APK Adult Hentai Game English Version Download - Hunter Akuna Hentai Game Android Port English Version Download
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Hunter Akuna Adult Game Android Download (9)


Hunter Akuna APK Android Adult Hentai Game English Download


as a hunter, akuna came to kill monsters in the forest with her partner lloyd.
But Lloyd of the partner will be violated by the incurable poison without care …!!
to save lloyd, akuna went to the village shrine to capture the dungeon.…

◆ Character introduction:
主人公 Main character Akuna
The main character of this work
As a cool and reliable first-class female hunter, she has a livelihood as a monster extermination.
My dream is to bring up my partner Lloyd as a full-fledged hunter and travel the world together
As the story progresses, the village chief, and sometimes the boss monsters in the dungeon will give you as much as you like…

ロ Lloyd
akuna’s partner and hunter training.
i was a hunter because i wanted to change myself, but i didn’t improve very much.…
akuna often tells me when to become a full-fledged hunter.

ヤ Yamil
the head of the village that lloyd and akuna are taking care of.
A man who doesn’t listen to very good rumors because he doesn’t have eyes on beautiful girls who surround the maid many times
i want akuna to be my own.
the maids of the yamil family are so obedient and suspicious that they are afraid.…

◆ About this game
It becomes the flow that goes to capture the dungeon to save the buddy Lloyd by operating the hero Akuna.
You can see the various defeat H scene when the boss monster is defeated in the back of the dungeon.
It is possible to play scenes from the recollection room even if you win!
You can also buy even more intense Boss Monster defeat BADEND at Fortune Teller!
It is created so that the story progresses crispy without stress as much as possible.
This work is going to be intense by the progress of the story cuckold scene and
It has become the content that you can enjoy the unique BADEND humiliation H scene by each boss monster.
This circle is decided, but it will be the specification that the heart mark becomes more and more in face and text to a as the scene progresses.
Cuckold, hypnosis, I think that you can enjoy those who like humiliation!!

◆ System
-Reminiscence scene
-Message window temporary erase
– Friendly design that does not become GAMEOVER even if you lose battle
-The product version is fully equipped with the recollection scene

◆About H scene
This work has become the H scene of the main rape by the monster and cuckold by the village chief.
Each boss monster has a BADEND individually, so Akuna will be in various hard eyes…
As for cuckold, you can enjoy the H scene with a strong feeling of falling more at the end of the game!
The H scene of this work has erotic onomatopoeia!
The number of H scenes is the maximum volume of our circle of 26 scenes!


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