Late Night Exposure ~Until I, a College Girl, Get Hooked on Exposure~ [Final]

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Mashiro is an ordinary college student who is tired of masturbation.
One day, by chance, she sees a woman urinating in a deserted park, and her interest in exposure grows.
Deciding to expose herself, Mashiro tries it herself in the park where the woman was doing it.

Eventually, she urinates and is completely awakened by the sense of freedom she feels, and learns that urinating while masturbating is the supreme experience.
In order to satisfy her desire to masturbate, she begins a life of exposure play, even though she understands that it is not a good thing to do.


Release Date: 2023-08-13
Original Title: 深夜露出 ~女子大生の私が露出にハマるまで~
Developer: Shimizuan DLsite
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (MTL)
Voiced: Japanese
Genre: 2DCG, 2D Game, Animated, Female Protagonist, Big ass, Big tits, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Groping, Teasing, Ahegao, Bdsm, Titfuck, Handjob, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Urination, Masturbation, Sex toys, Voiced, Sandbox, Japanese game


♦Game Summary♦
There are no complicated battles or money concepts, and you just go to your destination and expose yourself.
– Icons appear where events occur.
– New events will be triggered by setting the flag.

♦H-scene ♦
– Nervous about the exposure play… but as you get used to it, you will gradually become more daring!
– You may even move on to daring masturbation, hoping that no one will find you….
– If people find you, you will be put on the stage. Exposure is a crime, so you will be punished with sex.

♦H situations like this are available.♦
– Park: Exposed masturbation in the bushes where no one is around.
– Residential area :While being on the lookout for people coming to the area, try to scream out loud while exposing yourself.
– Under a street lamp: Expose your breasts and secret parts and leave them exposed.
– In a bookstore: Wandering around in the 18-restricted section with a rotor in your pants.
– In the forest: Walking around with cat ears
– In a school: Masturbating in the classroom and urinating in the boys’ restroom
– Convenience store: Exposing herself in front of the clerk in an inviting manner.
– At a laundromat: I put my clothes in the washing machine and wait naked until it finishes washing.

♦Points to note ♦
– The event scenes in the film are fully voiced!
– She is nervous at first because she is a beginner in exposure, but gradually she becomes bolder and plays exposure and masturbates…!
– Erotic status changes as you watch the erotic scenes.
– The choice you are faced with is “run away” or “don’t run away”. The fate of Mashiro is up to you.
– If she is found, it’s the end. If she is found, it’s a definite production…! You will be raped in various situations!
– After the main story ends, you can roam freely in the city and expose yourself to many things!

♦Character Introduction♦
~Seimiya Mashiro
She is an ordinary college girl who can be found anywhere.
Since she started exposing herself, the majority of her brain is occupied with how to urinate comfortably.
She has become addicted to the composition of climax = urination. I can’t get out of it.
She claims to be an ordinary college girl.
She is a virgin girl who has never been in a relationship.


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